You can easily access the Algebra Zero Program through two methods: Clever SSO (Single Sign-On) or a special arrangement made between your district and the Algebra Zero team. This program is provided free of charge to all K-12 public schools in Nevada, with support from the Nevada Department of Education (NDE).

If your district already uses Clever:

Your district Clever administrator can request the Algebra Zero Program by searching for "Algebra 0" in the Clever dashboard and adding it.

Please talk to your district IT department or find more information here: Clever Support.

If your district is not using Clever yet:

We strongly recommend considering Clever, as its core features are free for schools and districts, providing sufficient support for accessing the Algebra Zero Program. To learn more, visit

If you choose not to use Clever:

Please get in touch with us at to discuss how you can access the Algebra Zero Program. Our team will work with you on a case-by-case basis, depending on your school portal's setup.

Algebra Zero Team